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Mini Choco Tei Watcher

Increase production line efficiency.

"Choco Tei" in Japanese means an 'intermittent, short stop of a production line'. Quickly and easily find the cause of production line stoppages and increase efficiency with latest Japanese Line Monitoring Technology. The Mini Choco Tei Watcher by Inaba is compact and easy to install, auto-activated and can be monitored and controlled remotely.

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About the Mini Choco Tei Watcher

Locate and playback the cause of line stoppages by recording processes in memory or on SD cards, in full HD for clear picture quality. With Trigger Recording, you can record the fault and review footage of the cause from before the fault occurred. The Mini Choco Tei Watcher enables in-process monitoring, workspace monitoring and fault cause analysis. Its compact size makes it easy to install the Mini Choco Tei Watcher unobtrusively in many locations, even inside machinery.

Trigger Recording

The Choco Tei offers trigger recording, allowing you to review footage of assembly line faults. With the Choco Tei you can get to the bottom of any assembly line issues and increase your efficiency.

Network Support

With the Choco Tei network support you can monitor the assembly line or workplace from anywhere. Connect from your laptop or desktop and view real-time footage of your production line, with playback of saved files and downloading features available.

Wide Angle Recording

Enjoy a wide angle recording with the Mini Choco Tei. The assembly line monitoring tool allows users to select recording angles of 110°or 180°. The minimum focal length is 24cm, with the Choco Tei also able to record under low light levels (ambient light levels at 4.3Lux). Such capabilities allows the Choco Tei to record from the inside of manufacturing equipment.

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