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Robotic Palletiser

Relieve your workforce from repetitive heavy lifting and increase palletising efficiency and speed by installing a collaborative robotic palletising system. With Universal Collaborative Robots, automated palletising is made simple. The Robot People are a certified robotic palletiser manufacturer, and have you covered for all your automation needs. Reduce assembly times, increase production speed, and ensure quality with The Robot People’s, UR’s robotic palletising system.  

Key Features:

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  • Up to 10-15 boxes/min*

  • 10Kg Payload

  • 1.3M pallet height.  (>2M with the addition of an optional lift post).

  • Quickly and Easily create your own pallet patterns using “Pally” Software.

  • Small Footprint.  No need for restrictive safety fencing.

  • Designed to comply with to AS Australian Standard AS4024 (3302..2017)

  • Relocatable and back to work in minutes.

  • Easily operated by all staff.

  • Small footprint. 

Robotic Palletising & Automated Palletising Solutions 

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Cobot Palletiser & Worker Safety

The world leading Universal Robots collaborative robot arms are designed to be easy to use and long-lasting. This robotic palletiser is ideal for small-volume / high mix production and function flawlessly in small factory spaces. Recognised for its easy-to-program technology, driven by “Pally” software, this Collaborative palletiser is adaptable to pretty much any robotic palletising need. Reduce the costs of new product packaging and free workers from repetitive and unnecessary tasks.


The cobot palletiser allows workers and robots to work side-by-side in a safe workspace, increasing productivity and speed of work. If a worker gets in the way of the robotic palletiser, the robot stops immediately and waits for clearance before continuing with the job at hand. With this revolutionary technology, companies can adapt and increase their workload as safely as possible 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Easily Operated Robotic Palletising

The UR robotic arms are equipped with state-of-the-art grippers and machine-learning capabilities which allow the robot to pick up and pack a wide range of boxes onto any pallet. This robotic palletising system can adapt to almost all factory environments and can simplify any part of the supply chain operations. 


The robot can be pre-programmed to pick up and stack as many pallets as required. Each robot is accompanied with a simple touch screen monitor that enables any factory line staff member to select the product of choice. Another benefit is that the palletiser doesn’t need to be bolted into the floor and can be easily redeployed using a hand pallet jack or forklift.  All you need is a standard 240V power supply and factory air you’re good to go.  

  • *Depends on Carton Dimension and weight. **


We are a young, dynamic team of highly experienced, talented process automation professionals. Utilising the latest robotic technologies from Universal Robots, we simply and effectively automate cost and complication out of your process.

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