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OMRON HD-1500 Mobile Robot


Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are designed to dramatically increase productivity in manufacturing and logistics operations, making your employees more efficient by allowing them to focus on tasks that require complex human skills. OMRON’s mobile robots handle the performance of simple transport, delivery, and routing chores so your employees can perform higher-value jobs. With the largest install base in the world, OMRON mobile robots are deployed in thousands of applications across multiple industries. OMRON’s mobile solutions are extremely versatile and can be adapted to perform a wide variety of tasks and applications. They are also scalable, so they can grow with your business.

Omron LD Series Mobile Robots are the modern solution for warehouse facilities

Increased productivity for business with AMRs

Tangible benefits to customers

24/7 Working Capacity

Works tirelessly handling deliveries, room service, chaperoning guests, in-room dining requests and housekeeping support.

Safe by

Designed to meet the industry’s latest requirements, our mobile robots interact with people to promote a collaborative, safe working environment. Safety lasers and sonar allow our robots to detect obstacles in their path and prevent collisions.

Precise Performance

Using multiple systems, our robots learn to become even more efficient after they’re installed. Every robot in our fleet acts as a sensor to map out the most challenging environments and optimise its performance.

MicroHAWK Smart Camera from Microscan


Meet the mid-size member of OMRON’s family of mobile robots. The LD-250 mobile robot has a payload capacity of 250kg. Customers can now load more onto robots, or make fewer trips with heavier batches, ultimately doing more with less equipment. Working seamlessly into an integrated OMRON mobile fleet, the LD-250 can allow customers to optimise their traffic management, battery management, and routing of vehicles with a more diverse fleet.

HAWK MV-4000 from Microscan


Meet the strongest member of OMRON’s family of mobile robots. The HD-1500 mobile robot has a heavy duty payload capacity of 1500kg. The higher payload capacity allows customers to automate new tasks that were not previously possible, such as the transport of pallet-size loads, engine blocks, and other heavy goods and equipment. The HD-1500 can also automate tasks that are traditionally completed with forklifts, reducing the risk of injury.

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