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Rent a Robot

Accept more jobs without hiring more workers. Short or long-term hire.

What if you could pay for automation the same as you do for a temporary employee? What if you only had to pay for the actual hours worked?

We equip your business with robot technologies that empower your workforce and solve your labour shortage.

Enjoy a low risk introduction to the benefit of robotic automation.

Why Use Our Rental Service

In such competitive industries, every manufacturer would like to increase production and quality while improving their efficiency. Automation can do all of these things, but most factories don’t pursue the possibility. Perceived barriers include blowing their budget, introducing automation can be costly, and having to hire and train additional staff. We eliminate these barriers offering Universal Robots robots as temporary workers, focusing on improving your manufacturing process while also making it more productive.

Our automation experts will visit your facility to work closely with the operations team. We will examine your process and determine where automation will have the strongest impact to make your factory more productive. The Robot People will design a comprehensive automation solution featuring robot technology from Universal Robots.

The Robots

World leading technology

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Palletising Robots

Are you tired of lifting boxes? Reduce assembly times, increase production speed and ensure quality with The Robot People’s Universal Robot’s robotic palletising system.

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Pick & Place Robots

Add value to your production by automating repetitive pick and place tasks with a collaborative Pick and Place robot from The Robot People.

Increased productivity for business with robot rentals

How we can benefit you

Fill Your Need of Skilled Workers

Do more

Struggling to find and retain skilled workers to meet your current production demands? Empowering your existing workforce to be part of the solution will keep your existing workers engaged and employed with your organisation longer. 

Increase Your Productivity & Quality

Control more

Robots can take over manual and repetitive jobs. They offer consistency and quality as they take over these manual jobs. This frees your experienced workers for other more critical and value-added tasks.

Enable You to Accept More Jobs

Win more

The efficiency of robotic solutions allows your company to be able to accept more jobs. The quality and the speed of these jobs give you an edge. This can help drive people to your business and give you the capacity to accept them.

“We were very impressed with the speed and ease of set up of the Cobot.
Kudos to Jordan, he’s a gun!”


- Reuben Baker | Operations Manager, Teralba Industries

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The Robot People help Teralba rent a robot!

Modelling and guidance were provided by The Robot People to the client within 1 week of a site visit. Our Mechatronics Engineer was then on site managing the programming and installation of the hired Cobot which took just 3 days.

Take a look at our case study here.

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