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Universal Robots Robotic Palletising System


Automatic Systems

Are you tired of lifting boxes?

Are you still palletising by hand?


A collaborative robotic palletising solution will do the same task efficiently and repeatedly without issue or injury.

Reduce assembly times, increase production speed and ensure quality with The Robot People’s Universal Robot’s robotic palletising system.

The Robot People are a certified robotic palletiser manufacturer and have got you covered for all your automation needs.

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Immediate savings on
your investment

Efficiency and speed

An automated collaborative robot palletiser will save you considerable money in labour and they are far more cost-effective than you might realise. Robotic palletisers provide an excellent ROI.

Earning an ROI is achieved faster than with other Cobot solutions due to the high-performance cycle times. Installing a manufacturing robot allows you to combat the rising costs of new product packaging and shortened product lifecycles.


You don't need to be
an expert

Simple setup and easy to use

It may seem intimidating to install an automated collaborative robotic palletising system, but setup is as simple as putting it into place, connecting services and turning on the power. And since palletisers don’t need to be bolted into the floor, they can be easily redeployed.

UR’s robotic palletisers are designed to be user friendly to operate and your staff will have no problems running the system. Each collaborative robot is accompanied with a simple touch screen monitor with world leading ‘Pally’ software. All you need is a standard 240V power supply and factory air, and you’re good to go!


Flexibility and

Really, what can't Cobots do?

The Robot People’s Universal Robots robotic palletising system is customisable to match requirements and are able to handle various sizes, shapes and weights.

With the ability to palletise a range of product types such as boxes, bags, cartons, plastic bottles, etc, collaborative robot palletisers can provide the flexibility to palletise single or multiple production lines simultaneously.


Cobots don't need to be behind cages

Safe and collaborative

The Cobot palletiser allows workers and robots to work side-by-side in a safe workspace, increasing productivity and speed of work. If a worker gets in the way of the robotic palletiser, the robot stops immediately and waits for clearance before continuing with the job at hand.

Relieve workers from repetitive work and heavy lifting by automating your packaging and palletising with lightweight collaborative robot arms. Remove the risk of repetitive strain injuries to your staff and trust the system to see a reduction in damage to cartons and products.

The Robot People Collaborative Robot Palletiser
The Robot People Collaborative Robot Palletiser
The Robot People Collaborative Robot Palletiser
Cobot Video

Want to see more?

Watch a full video of our Cobot Palletiser with automatic adjustment

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Universal Robots UR10 Lifting Box

So, what can be palletised?

The short answer to that question is basically anything!

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – food and beverage, electrical, wholesale distribution, packaging or any other manufacturing or distribution business – our UR robotic palletisers can automatically palletise your product.

The UR robotic arms are equipped with state-of-the-art grippers and machine-learning capabilities which allow the robot to pick up and pack a wide range of boxes onto any pallet. Our robotic palletising system can adapt to almost all factory environments and can simplify any part of the supply chain operations.

Our team includes degree qualified, Mechanical, Mechatronic, Electrical and Computer Science, and Operational experts. Utilising the latest robotics technologies from Universal Robots, we simply and effectively automate cost and complication out of your process.

World Leading Technology

Learn about our partners

Universal Robots Logo

Universal Robots

Collaborative robots from Universal Robots are enabling companies of all sizes to use robotic automation in their production environments.

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Pally Software

Pally is a palletising URcap designed to be smooth, flexible and quick to install. Automate your palletising with our software.

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The leading supplier of Linear Motion Components and solutions. They design, manufacture, and customise ball & roller screws, linear guides and actuators.

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Have you considered depalletising?

The manual unloading of bags from pallets can impact on your productivity. Robotic depalletising is a safer, more consistent way to unload bags from pallets.

Our relocatable depalletising cell uses a Universal Robots UR10 collaborative robot. It is self-contained and can be easily relocated with a hand pallet jack to palletise at the end of any production line.

Learn more about depalletising and watch our video here!

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