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Performance Monitoring

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Our performance monitoring systems by Inaba help you quickly and easily find the cause of production line stoppages and increase efficiency with the latest Japanese line monitoring technology. The Mini Choco Tei Watcher by Inaba is compact and easy to install, auto-activated and can be monitored and controlled remotely. Inaba is one of the world leaders in production line monitoring, and The Robot People are an official Australian distributor of Inaba. Inaba’s Mini Choco Tei Watcher allows for trigger recording, offers total network support, wide angle recording and much more. 

HAWK MV-4000 from Microscan

Mini Choco Tei Watcher

Easily find the cause of line stoppages and increase efficiency with Japanese Line Monitoring Technology. With the Mini Choco Tei Watcher you can find the cause of any production line error with recordings in full HD quality. Watch your production line in real time from anywhere in the world and improve your manufacturing efficiency.

The Mini Choco Tei Watcher offers trigger recording, which allows you to review and analyse assembly line issues. This ensures the same production line errors don’t occur again. Due to the small size of the Choco Tei Watcher, it can be positioned almost anywhere along the production line with a wide range of angles able to be recorded. This assembly line tool allows users to record from 110°or 180°. The Mini Choco Tei Watcher can also record the assembly line under extremely low lighting. This allows the camera to be placed, and therefore record, from inside manufacturing machines.

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