Add value to your production by automating repetitive pick and place tasks with a collaborative pick and place robot from The Robot People.

Assembly robot arm

With a collaborative assembly robot arm you can increase accuracy and reduce shrinkage by placing a pick and place robot in your fulfilment centre to handle pick and place tasks. The Universal Robots robot can run most pick and place applications autonomously, allowing your business to handle inventory even when employees have gone home. The Robot People are an official Universal Robot Distributor in Australia and have you covered for all robotics and automation needs.


Packaging robot

The intuitive, easy to program interface makes the Universal Robots robot arms perfect for small-volume productions. With small pick and place robots, workers can operate side-by-side with collaborative robots in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. Pick and place robots can also complete the function of palletising and depalletising, reducing heavy repetitive lifting and potentially physically harming activities for workers. A collaborative robot arm used in repetitive pick and place tasks, offers advantages in productivity and flexibility – letting you free up your work force for more important tasks.

Why use a pick and place robot?

Pick and place robots have revolutionised the manufacturing industry. The pick and place robot arm will be mounted to a stationary spot, however this can be re-deployed in minutes if the job at hand changes. At The Robot People we install vision systems along the production line to ensure quality and minimise robotic mishandling. One of the main functions of a pick and place robot are centred around assembly line processes, picking and placing incoming items from a conveyor belt. Other functions of the pick and place robot arm include packaging, bin picking and quality inspection.

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We are a young, dynamic team of highly experienced, talented process automation professionals. Utilising the latest robotic technologies from Universal Robots, we simply and effectively automate cost and complication out of your process.

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