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Collaborative Robots

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Add value to your production by automating repetitive pick and place tasks with a collaborative Pick and Place robot from The Robot People.

Pick and Place applications consist of literally picking up raw materials, workpieces, finished goods, or packages and positioning them on another work plane to continue the process.


While this operation has been performed by humans from the start, today we strive to automate these tasks and free human hands so that they can bring more value to your company.

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Pick & Place Cobots

Let's talk benefits

UR robots can be used in most Pick and Place applications. Our space-saving robots can also be reprogrammed quickly and used with many different machines.

Relieve workers from ergonomically unfavourable, repetitive work.

With robot arms from Universal Robots you can free up your work force in order to do more important tasks.

During busy seasons, UR robots can operate 24/7, delivering non-stop productivity to your business.

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Why use a Pick and Place robot?

Pick and Place robots have revolutionised the manufacturing industry.

The Pick and Place robot arm will be mounted to a stationary spot, however this can be re-deployed in minutes if the job at hand changes. At The Robot People, we install vision systems along the production line to ensure quality and minimise robotic mishandling. One of the main functions of a Pick and Place robot are centred around assembly line processes, picking and placing incoming items from a conveyor belt. Other functions of the Pick and Place robot arm include packaging, bin picking and quality inspection.

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Ready to get started?

Get in touch with The Robot People and employ a Cobot today!

Pick, Place & Pack
Case Study

Three collaborative robots working together to pack boxes with designated stock. Two items of stock are placed into the boxes with each pick.

Take a look at our case study here.

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