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Sensors & Attachments

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Our cutting edge sensing systems and robot attachments for industrial automation let you easily design truly collaborative applications that enable your workforce to work side-by-side with collaborative robots on palletising, pick and place, quality inspection, assembly, machine tending, and finishing.

UR3 Collaborative Robot from Universal Robots

Sander Tool

Complete electric random orbital sander for almost any automated surface finishing application, from sanding and buffing to polishing and cleaning. The Sander operates without external air supply, for no additional costs or complexity, and none of the dust or noise generated by traditional air sanders.

FT Sensor.jpg
UR10 Collaborative Robot from Univesal Robots

HEX Force/Torque Sensor

Our HEX Force/Torque sensors are designed to fit all major robot brands. With high-accuracy sensor technology, the sensor provides 95% better quality in insertion and assembly tasks. Easy programming gets even complex polishing tasks up and running in less than a day.

Quick Changer.jpg
UR10 Collaborative Robot from Univesal Robots

Quick Changer

The Quick Changer enables easy and fast tool changing. It can handle 20kg payload and has a low built-in height and weight. Patented reliable and with easy-to-use locking mechanism, extra safety locking structure and locking springs make the Quick Changer a unique product, ideal for all collaborative robot applications.

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