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The CB3 family has 3 members – the UR3, UR5 and UR10. Each Cobot has a different reach and payload, but they share the same repeatability, accuracy and dependability that make them a valuable addition to any production facility. 

Trusted to automate standard processes with basic applications such as machine tending, screw driving and palletisation. Suitable for businesses with need to automate existing core business processes.

UR3 Collaborative Robot from Universal Robots
UR5 Collaborative Robot from Univesal Robots
UR10 Collaborative Robot from Univesal Robots

UR3 Robot

Small but powerful, the UR3 has a payload of 3kg and reach radius of 500mm. With 360 degree rotation on all wrist joints and infinite rotation on the end joint, this table- top Cobot handles high precision tasks and light assembly tasks with ease.

UR5 Robot

The Universal Robots UR5 is the middle Cobot in the UR range, the Cobot is a highly flexible robotic arm that enables safe automation of repetitive, risky tasks. It is the perfect Cobot for performing light tasks such as packing, assembly or testing.

UR10 Robot

The Universal Robots UR10 is the largest in the UR series. With a load capacity of 10kg and a range of 1300mm, this collaborative robot is made for heavier, more robust tasks. 

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