Our vision systems by Microscan and Omron help manufacturers drive down cost, automate critical manufacturing processes, and increase yields through data acquisition and control solutions. Product technology ranges from basic barcode reading through complex machine vision. With the highest-performance imaging engine in its class, these readers offer modular hardware options to take on any decoding task. Both the Omron and Microscan vision system will help you meet all inspection and quality requirements. The Robot People are official distributors of Omron and Microscan vision systems.

MicroHAWK Smart Camera from Microscan

MicroHAWK Smart Camera

Fully-integrated with optics, processor, lighting, and communications. Omron is one of the biggest industrial camera manufacturers globally, with a focus on high-speed imaging for fast moving production lines and high resolution imaging to ensure detailed inspection. The MicroHawk Smart Camera prides itself on being easy-to-use, high quality and the ultimate machine vision system in the industry.

HAWK MV-4000 from Microscan

HAWK MV-4000

Awe-inspiring power and superior flexibility is sheathed within the contoured casing of this system. The Omron HAWK MV-4000 industrial camera is an advanced vision control solution, building upon the previous generation with an increase in processing power and real-time trigger response. Visions systems technology doesn’t get much more advanced than this industrial camera.

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