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UR10 Cobot

Our largest Cobot arm.

The Universal Robots UR10 is the largest in the UR series. With a load capacity of 10kg and a range of 1300mm, this collaborative robot is made for heavier, more robust tasks. The perfect choice for tasks such as packaging, palletising, assembly and pick-and-place work. Despite its size, this robot is extremely precise. With an accuracy of about 0.1mm, the robot is suitable for the most delicate tasks.

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UR10 Cobot Key Features

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About the UR10 Cobot

Like all other Cobots in the UR range, the UR10 is very easy to set up and program. This robot also has the possibility to manually set movements in the software, after which they can be perfected on the touchscreen tablet.

It is also possible to work together with this robot, without the use of safety screens.

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