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Five Key Benefits of the e-Series from Universal Robots

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Universal Robots e-Series

1. Flexible deployment

Explore the possibilities of robotic deployment with The Robot People. The Universal Robots collaborative robots are lightweight, space saving and easy to redeploy to multiple applications without changing production layouts. They can be moved between tasks quickly and are able to reuse programs for recurrent tasks, giving customers the flexibility to automate multiple manual tasks within one production facility even with just one Cobot.

2. Easy programming

With the e-Series, anyone can become a robot programmer. Save on the costs of a professional programmer with products distributed by The Robot People. Our patented and highly intuitive 3D-interface allows anyone within the production facility to become a robot programmer even without prior experience. A user friendly and highly intuitive teach pendant allows operators to program a collaborative robot by moving its arms to the desired waypoints, or simply using drag-and-drop functions on a touchscreen tablet.

3. Fast setup

Reduce robot deployment time from weeks to hours with The Robot People. Our Cobots are equipped with single phase A/C power source compatibility and an intuitive user interface for easy set up installation and integration into your production line.

4. Quick payback

The Robot People make robotic automation an option for small and medium enterprises, small batch production runs and other setups where traditional solutions may be too expensive. Built with the needs of these businesses in mind, the e-Series’ boasts a fully upgradeable software platform that can grow in capabilities to make it a lasting and worthy long-term investment.

5. Safe and collaborative

Our collaborative robots are able to take over strenuous tasks in dangerous or dull environments and minimise exposure to dangerous chemicals or gases in the production process. With our patented safety features, you can fuse the best of human ingenuity with robot competency for accelerated productivity and growth. Safety mechanisms like customisable stopping times and collision detection capabilities in our Cobots ensure safety when Cobots work hand-in-hand with operators.


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